Krabi Attractions
Krabi has not only previously place, but it also has many more fantastic attractions waiting you to discover

Sra Morakot (The Emerald Pool)

           It is also known as “Crystal Pool” in Thailand. It situated in Khao Phra Bang Khram nature reserve. After walking a short nature trail for ten minutes, we reached the emerald pool. It is a rich-
hued natural pool at the center of the forest, filled with glistening clear spring water. The area is forested and shady and at different times of the day, the color of the water changed to different hues. When the water temperature is high, the water turns greenish blue; when the water temperature is low, it is pale green as you can see in the photos.

Ao Thalane

          Experience sea kayaking and the mangrove forest. You will see more of the mangrove area and sand¬† bank when the level of tide is low. You will enjoy the many kinds of animals found here, such as monkeys, mud keepers, crabs, and shells. With this trip, you will also see the canyon, lagoon, limestone historical painting, and sea gypsy grave. Don't forget to take your sense of enjoyment and have fun.